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ColorWell 6.6 MacOS

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ColorWell 6.0

ColorWell 是一款可直接输出Web颜色代码的取色工具,通过方便的Hex/RGB/Float/HSL翻译提供即时访问标准Mac OS X 的Color Wheel,任何网页设计师的工具箱都应该有它,将它配置在工具栏上,并打开一个全局热键,使用方便又快捷。

ColorWell 6.x | macOS | 6 mb

ColorWell provides instant access to the standard OS X Color Wheel, with a handy Hex/RGB/Float/HSL translator. ColorWell is a useful tool in any good Web designer's toolkit, and can be easily configured to live up in the system toolbar and open with a global hotkey.

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit

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