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Koingo Display Maestro v2.1.2 MacOSX

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Display Maestro 1.1.3

Koingo Display Maestro 2.x | MacOSX | 10 MB

Display Maestro gives you full control over attached displays, allowing the usage of all available resolutions and bit depths. This is done by ignoring the operating system setting of hiding potentially unsafe resolutions.

Restore legacy depth modes
It is ideal for running legacy games which require 256-color mode and do not automatically switch the screen depth for you. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard removed the ability to set 256 color mode manually using the built-in preferences pane, but the feature is now available here in Display Maestro!

Light-weight and background-friendly
Display Maestro is a small application which can be configured to launch during login, and sits quietly in the menu bar. Upon exit, it will also automatically revert your display back to the resolution chosen before it was launched.

Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later

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  1. Display Maestro是一款用于优化Mac连接的显示器分辨率和位深度的实用增强小工具。 Display Maestro能完美地控制Mac显示器,使用所有可用的分辨率和比特深度,增强系统对显示器设置的功能,可设置多种分辨率和颜色选项,包括系统默认禁止的。 它能理想的运行那些需要256色模式的游戏。 Display Maestro可设置开机自启动,这样在开机的时候他就会安静的在后台运行。菜单栏里能显示它的图标,当退出程序的时候,它也会自动恢复到显示器之前的状态。
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